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Vega & Winnfield


We are Vega & Winnfield,
an independent agency based in the vibrant city of Barcelona,
focused on brand storytelling and creating word of mouth
for various super cool brands.

Bold Thinkers

We are specialised in developing brand content
and experiential marketing, our work includes concept development,
creation and brand activation worldwide.

Vega & Winnfield Works Vega & Winnfield Works Vega & Winnfield Works Vega & Winnfield Works Vega & Winnfield Works Vega & Winnfield Works

A Great Team

We are not just another agency, but a hybrid
of creativity-driven and execution-strong professionals.

With a passionate team based around the world,
we create and deliver memorable campaigns
and activations with passion and conviction.

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Premium Spirit

We work for various premium, international brands,
but also love to work with local heroes and disruptive players
aiming to be (inter)national champions.

Vega & Winnfield Branding

Luxury & Lifestyle

We have a solid track record in luxury and lifestyle
and in-depth knowledge and experience in spirits and beverages
both in domestic markets and travel retail worldwide.

Vega & Winnfield Clients